On your flat feet please..

At the grand old age of 13 and a half months, Rosie is heading in the direction of being slow to walk.  At her 13 month check they flagged this up which frankly I think is ridiculous as she is definately not yet behind.  At 18 months I might be starting to think she is behind but not yet.

However I would quite like her to learn to walk; it’s getting harder lifting her and carrying her and if she could put one foot in front of another herself that would take the weight off.  Literally.  We are encouraging her to come down from her tip toes – she understands the request “on your flat feet please!” and drops down accordingly, and other than that we are encouraging her to walk between our legs as much as possible.  She is a really proficient crawler and so gets about brilliantly.

Have you got any tips of other things we should do to help her practice?

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The sweetest thing!

We were downstairs playing with her toys and Rosie rubbed her ears in a maybe tired way. I said “are you tired, do you want to go up and have a sleep in your bed?”

She looked at me and crawled to the door, where she waited for me to open it. She crawled through and up the stairs and into her room and right up to the cot. Looked at me again and I lifted her in. She grabbed rabbit, put her thumb in her mouth and there we are. That was an hour ago.

What a smarty pants!!!

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What is more annoying than going to bed really early because you are so tired you could cry, then waking up in the middle of the night too hot and not comfy and not being able to get back to sleep?

All the things indeed to do are in my head,none of them are urgent, there is time for everything. I’m starting to get uncomfy quite often – I want to lie on my side but it hurts and my back is the only place I’m comfy-ish. And I’m always boiling; but don’t sleep without covers on in case the cat bites my toes (we don’t have a cat, but we did when I was little….).

You can’t even say I’m worrying about moving as currently we are not going anywhere; our house that we want to buy has got subsidence which is being further investigated, but seems like it might rule it out for us. Annoying.

Right; off to aimlessly search the internet to see if it sorts me out to sleep.. Night night..

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What’s Rosie like?

In spite of crushing tiredness this evening I thought it was time for a post sharing what Rosie can do now and what she is into.  She is a big girl now she is one and she seems it.

1. She knows her mind and grunts a noise when she wants something – be it a drink, more food, our food, the remote control or a phone to play with. She is good at making herself understood.
2. She stands up in her cot every morning and calls “da”, “da”, “da”. Sometimes she gets me and isn’t too disappointed as she only wants her milk first thing anyway. She can also say mamamamamama when she wants too.
3. She can pull herself up easily to hold on to something and she understands when I say stand up and does it.


4. In fact she understands loads:- when I was telling Phil about my day today I mentioned I’d phoned someone and she put her fist to her ear and started chattering away. We didn’t even know she was listening.
5. She can find her feet, tummy, head, hair,mouth, nose (accompanied by a blowing sound) and kisses – which means she leans to me for a kiss – mouth open if I’m lucky!
6. She is even better on the stairs and loves them! Especially if daddy is at the top.


7. Health wise we have found a perfect cream for her eczema, her nappy thrush keeps coming back but is getting under control and we are about to start winding down her inhaler for the summer.
8. She had a useless 12 month development check last week – she is being called back in 2 months because she is walking on her tip toes – given she was only observed for about 20 seconds and is not yet walking I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Otherwise she remains on the 75th centile for weight and height but still has a monster bonce!
9. She continues to sleep well – either one or two naps in the day and generally 7-7.30 at night.


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Cheering up..

I’m cheering myself up planning my new colourful kitchen..

In the meantime, Phil is cheering me up with my favourite lunch


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Overdone it already

So Phil has been away this week and it has been a sadder house without him. Rosie has really really missed him, and by last night was sitting at the bottom of the stairs to the loft crying basically non stop, with rabbit for company. I could distract her but couldn’t explain what was going on. She didn’t get it when he rang to talk to her every night and showing her pictures made her sad.  No tears today though as he is back and she is delighted.

I on the other hand used the time away to overdo it. Too much carrying and pushing Rosie, too much driving and probably too much about the house. I’ve got a flare up of pgp (pelvic girdle pain – aka SPD) since yesterday and we are trying a day of complete rest for me to see if it helps.

The pain is there but manageable at the moment but the truth is I’m full on panicking. I’m worried I’ve got 22 more weeks to go and a little girl to look after, who can’t even walk who I basically care for full time while my husband is often at work. And let’s just put to one side actual going to work and moving house for now.

It has reminded me of my last pregnancy and made me realise that I wasn’t pathetic and lazy like I have told myself in a rewrite of history – I was in constant pain. My mother in law said to me the other day (while I was saying how good I felt – ha!) that she thought I over did it a bit last time. I can only remember sitting on the sofa but, i did work long hours and travel a lot. Maybe she was right! I’m trying to be positive and think that a couple of days rest now will pay dividends followed by taking it easy the next few weeks. I’m toying with a support belt too. Has anyone got any tips or positive stories to share?

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We’re moving!

Its all happened really quickly in the end, we’ve sold our house within a week and found a house this weekend. Offer accepted done and dusted. Not out the woods yet of course but so far this feels good.

In terms of selling it wasn’t the girl I mentioned last time it was another couple who already live on our road and knew exactly what they wanted. A couple of offers started coming in, it was all looking interesting and then they asked us to take it off the market with a full price offer. How could we refuse! Given we marketed it £5k over the valuations we were somewhat surprised as well. But providing the survey doesn’t downvalue all should be well.  They are renting at the moment so ready to move.

And on to our house:- we looked at one we liked last week and the estate agent confirmed we couldn’t afford it but she put us onto this one. It is at the absolute top of our budget and the lowest they were willing to go but we’ve got ourselves a great pad, so it should be worth the stretch. 3 bedrooms, in need of modernisation and a great whacking space on the side for our extension to make it 5 bedrooms. Beautiful garden that our babies are going to love playing in too.  And in walking distance to all the amenities we need – good schools, doctors, Chinese takeaway and Bromsgrove town centre. Its a lovely road too. The only thing we are worried about is feeling further away from church – its actually only 20 mins instead of 10 but its the psychology I think. We are planning a summer BBQ as a start to get people to come to us but I think we just push on and don’t get deterred by the perceived distance.

Now until we move ive got a few months of light sorting out and beating, and for the evenings looking at interior design ideas. New hobby = pinterest!


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