And it’s back to nap time. Phew

Georgina’s sleep is dreadful at the moment. It is exhausting. She was doing pretty well for a while and we have had one 12 hour stretch at least. She was in a lovely routine of sleeping from 7pm til 4am ish and then til 6 and then at least 8am – which is Official Wake Up Time chez Reed.
Oh hello 4 month sleep regression. For the last few weeks she has been awake every 2 hours, except for last night when it was every hour. And to top it off the antibiotics she is on for a chest infection have given her a bit of a bottom problem. At 4am I had fed her 4 times and changed a pooey nappy. At 6am, 6 times. Lovely.

That is when I capitulated and brought her into the bed for good. She rewarded me with another poo shortly after which I left to fester for a while as I needed just one or 2 zzzzzzzeds myself.


She is one lucky baby however as Rosie rarely got the chance to snuggle up with us to sleep. We were too scared: both of SIDS and of her never ever sleeping in her own bed.  With Georgie we don’t worry so much about forming bad habits, we just enjoy her, and we are much more confident in keeping her safe.

Our bedsharing rules are: not for the first part of the night when I am most heavily asleep (I wish!!), not when we have had more than a glass of wine with supper (or not in the middle if phil has), and duvet well clear, either under her or away from her. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new big bed as there is plenty of room for us all. Although I wouldn’t have all 4 in as Rosie just sticks her fingers up our noses instead of actually sleeping…

So anyway. I had a small lie in earlier, not exactly a sleep in, and now I’m having my nap time sit down and trying not o drop off as always….

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