What is Georgie like?

Well, well here I am! And what a long break it has been. It’s Twitter’s fault I’m back. Well sort of. I’ve been toying with it for a few weeks now, for Georgie’s sake. It’s just that twitter seems a good way to share.

Really I just felt sad for Georgie that there is such an ace record of Rosie’s first year and nothing on hers except her baby book and lots of pics. Besides, there must be more to life than candy crush…

So there is going to be a big catch up because frankly, button’s tiny world has got a lot bigger but I’m going to start with this lovely one. Introducing Georgina Martha Abigail:

What she is like:
1. She is very relaxed. Unless she is really going for it. Otherwise she just watches what is going on.
2. She will only feed to sleep in the night, otherwise she will have her milk then into bed by myself please.
3. She stands up in the bath all the time.
4. She loves to be cuddled by her sister and delights in the various offerings supplied. Lucky really.
5. She’s a right windbag.
6. She spends her nights gooing and gahing loudly. Only time she can get a word in I guess.
7. She is much much fairer than her sister although she has dark hair. Her eyes are blue like mine. She can carry off baby pink so I occasionally crack and put her in it.
8. She has only been swimming once so far but LOVED it.
9. She is on the 50th centile for everything, so basically perfect.
10. She is mine, all mine. As everyone gets busy with Rosie I get to give her tonnes of extra hugs and kisses.

What a girl.

More news to follow. And I guess you want to see Rosie now too.

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