Now what – you choose..

What do you want to see posts about? Now Ive got started again Ive got masses to say. Not that many people actually will be reading after so long, but I thought someone who happened across this post might give me a steer… That is YOU reader dearest..

So here are options:

– pics of Georgie
– life with 2
– our new house and renovations
– reflecting on last year’s resolutions
– tandem feeding
– potty training
– new foody ideas for 2014 – healthy and nutritious
– Rosie’s words and signs and other development stuff
– or something else…..

What do you think?

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1 Response to Now what – you choose..

  1. Whatshername's Mummy says:

    All of it please! (I don’t understand why this is only showing in my newsfeed in mid January 2015?!) WHNM xxx

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