And time for a good look at Rosie too.


Here she is – covered in pen and posing.

On the potty:

And a wander in the woods with grandma and grandpa:

She is 21 months now and such a happy soul. Full of mischief. She likes:

1. Food. Especially cake. Her first sentence was “I waaan caaake”. With tears on the side.

2. Painting. Sticking. Colouring and getting messy. Most mornings we do an activity at the table after breakfast. The messier the better. Painting her arm is a highlight.

3. Books. I’m delighted that she can sit and listen to a whole story like the gruffalo. Less delighted when she wants it 3 times in a row.

4. Running around. I didnt realise I wasn’t stretching her enough outside until she followed her friends for two hours in the botanic gardens yesterday. She never sits down in the house so I should have realised she didn’t need so much buggy time.

5. Her potty. Spontaneously trained the last couple of weeks. We used the bottom out approach at home, but a couple of outings now haven’t fazed her. Only nappys for sleeps now, but her clothes are ginormous suddenly.

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