The house upon the rock stood firm!

Tracking back through recent posts I note that I never blogged about our problems with the new house. It ceased to be our new house a few weeks ago when a survey discovered subsidence. We had to get our vendors to get their insurers out to carry out a full structural inspection and it has taken a bit of time.  We were really gutted as it seemed like the perfect place for us, and as we have since discovers nowhere else seems to have matched up.

We have viewed about 10 more properties. None have been right. We did in fact put an offer in on one which was a nearly but withdrew when we realised it needed lots of work and we couldn’t guarentee wanting to stay there longer than 5-10 years. So we have been pretty disheartened.

Until yesterday.

The structural survey took place and there is no evidence of subsidence. It is settlement. Which means the house shrugging down into its place once it is built. So we are back on! We need to see whether there is an impact on the insurance and ensure the mortgage lender is happy to lend now so we are waiting for the report to send over. There is also a list as long as our arms of things to be investigated although from what we can tell the surveyor was on the somewhat cautious side of cautious. But we might use that to negotiate and see what happens.

In the meantime our buyers are desperate to move in here asap. Finally we have some good news for them and we can consider moving out.  I need to resurrect my lists!

Although I guess nothing is straightforward! ….

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