On your flat feet please..

At the grand old age of 13 and a half months, Rosie is heading in the direction of being slow to walk.  At her 13 month check they flagged this up which frankly I think is ridiculous as she is definately not yet behind.  At 18 months I might be starting to think she is behind but not yet.

However I would quite like her to learn to walk; it’s getting harder lifting her and carrying her and if she could put one foot in front of another herself that would take the weight off.  Literally.  We are encouraging her to come down from her tip toes – she understands the request “on your flat feet please!” and drops down accordingly, and other than that we are encouraging her to walk between our legs as much as possible.  She is a really proficient crawler and so gets about brilliantly.

Have you got any tips of other things we should do to help her practice?

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2 Responses to On your flat feet please..

  1. Sophia walked at 13 months and was one of the first of her little group of friends so I agree that I think it is bonkers that it would be flagged now as a concern! Mine have always progressed loads with walking by using things to push around such as wooden block trolley or walker (I don’t mean a walker you put them in but one you push around) so if you have enough space then that might be worth considering. I have one (walker not wooden trolley) we aren’t using that I could drop at your mum’s on the way to Hay week after next if you like? However I really wouldn’t worry about her walking, or lack thereof, enjoy it while it lasts so you don’t have to chase after her and pick her up after falls xx

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