What is more annoying than going to bed really early because you are so tired you could cry, then waking up in the middle of the night too hot and not comfy and not being able to get back to sleep?

All the things indeed to do are in my head,none of them are urgent, there is time for everything. I’m starting to get uncomfy quite often – I want to lie on my side but it hurts and my back is the only place I’m comfy-ish. And I’m always boiling; but don’t sleep without covers on in case the cat bites my toes (we don’t have a cat, but we did when I was little….).

You can’t even say I’m worrying about moving as currently we are not going anywhere; our house that we want to buy has got subsidence which is being further investigated, but seems like it might rule it out for us. Annoying.

Right; off to aimlessly search the internet to see if it sorts me out to sleep.. Night night..

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One Response to Awake!

  1. Another thing to keep you awake at night, I am nominating you for a Liebster Award I really like the way you descibe your life together and look forward to seeing Rosie grow up, Bee x

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