What’s Rosie like?

In spite of crushing tiredness this evening I thought it was time for a post sharing what Rosie can do now and what she is into.  She is a big girl now she is one and she seems it.

1. She knows her mind and grunts a noise when she wants something – be it a drink, more food, our food, the remote control or a phone to play with. She is good at making herself understood.
2. She stands up in her cot every morning and calls “da”, “da”, “da”. Sometimes she gets me and isn’t too disappointed as she only wants her milk first thing anyway. She can also say mamamamamama when she wants too.
3. She can pull herself up easily to hold on to something and she understands when I say stand up and does it.


4. In fact she understands loads:- when I was telling Phil about my day today I mentioned I’d phoned someone and she put her fist to her ear and started chattering away. We didn’t even know she was listening.
5. She can find her feet, tummy, head, hair,mouth, nose (accompanied by a blowing sound) and kisses – which means she leans to me for a kiss – mouth open if I’m lucky!
6. She is even better on the stairs and loves them! Especially if daddy is at the top.


7. Health wise we have found a perfect cream for her eczema, her nappy thrush keeps coming back but is getting under control and we are about to start winding down her inhaler for the summer.
8. She had a useless 12 month development check last week – she is being called back in 2 months because she is walking on her tip toes – given she was only observed for about 20 seconds and is not yet walking I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Otherwise she remains on the 75th centile for weight and height but still has a monster bonce!
9. She continues to sleep well – either one or two naps in the day and generally 7-7.30 at night.


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One Response to What’s Rosie like?

  1. Sophie Lin says:

    Ah cute Rosie Button – she is getting such a big girl!

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