Overdone it already

So Phil has been away this week and it has been a sadder house without him. Rosie has really really missed him, and by last night was sitting at the bottom of the stairs to the loft crying basically non stop, with rabbit for company. I could distract her but couldn’t explain what was going on. She didn’t get it when he rang to talk to her every night and showing her pictures made her sad.  No tears today though as he is back and she is delighted.

I on the other hand used the time away to overdo it. Too much carrying and pushing Rosie, too much driving and probably too much about the house. I’ve got a flare up of pgp (pelvic girdle pain – aka SPD) since yesterday and we are trying a day of complete rest for me to see if it helps.

The pain is there but manageable at the moment but the truth is I’m full on panicking. I’m worried I’ve got 22 more weeks to go and a little girl to look after, who can’t even walk who I basically care for full time while my husband is often at work. And let’s just put to one side actual going to work and moving house for now.

It has reminded me of my last pregnancy and made me realise that I wasn’t pathetic and lazy like I have told myself in a rewrite of history – I was in constant pain. My mother in law said to me the other day (while I was saying how good I felt – ha!) that she thought I over did it a bit last time. I can only remember sitting on the sofa but, i did work long hours and travel a lot. Maybe she was right! I’m trying to be positive and think that a couple of days rest now will pay dividends followed by taking it easy the next few weeks. I’m toying with a support belt too. Has anyone got any tips or positive stories to share?

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2 Responses to Overdone it already

  1. Remember the acupuncture – every fortnight and it saved me – my thoughts are with you though as I can still remember the exhaustion now of caring for one in your tummy and one in front of you while in pain xxxxxx

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