We’re moving!

Its all happened really quickly in the end, we’ve sold our house within a week and found a house this weekend. Offer accepted done and dusted. Not out the woods yet of course but so far this feels good.

In terms of selling it wasn’t the girl I mentioned last time it was another couple who already live on our road and knew exactly what they wanted. A couple of offers started coming in, it was all looking interesting and then they asked us to take it off the market with a full price offer. How could we refuse! Given we marketed it £5k over the valuations we were somewhat surprised as well. But providing the survey doesn’t downvalue all should be well.  They are renting at the moment so ready to move.

And on to our house:- we looked at one we liked last week and the estate agent confirmed we couldn’t afford it but she put us onto this one. It is at the absolute top of our budget and the lowest they were willing to go but we’ve got ourselves a great pad, so it should be worth the stretch. 3 bedrooms, in need of modernisation and a great whacking space on the side for our extension to make it 5 bedrooms. Beautiful garden that our babies are going to love playing in too.  And in walking distance to all the amenities we need – good schools, doctors, Chinese takeaway and Bromsgrove town centre. Its a lovely road too. The only thing we are worried about is feeling further away from church – its actually only 20 mins instead of 10 but its the psychology I think. We are planning a summer BBQ as a start to get people to come to us but I think we just push on and don’t get deterred by the perceived distance.

Now until we move ive got a few months of light sorting out and beating, and for the evenings looking at interior design ideas. New hobby = pinterest!


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