Flexible working – how to make work work!

For lots of people this is the holy grail – making it work without compromising too much on anything. The plan is that I work from home when I get a chance and we have the nanny to look after Rosie when I have meetings to attend and for when I want to be in the office. We are a few weeks in and this is what I know so far: 1. Plan downtime in the office – so you get to have those helpful chats that achieve loads. 2. Don’t overstretch yourself – if you are prone to overcommitting (like me) then check what’s coming up and rearrange to suit. Obviously you don’t want to annoy colleagues but you need to be judicious. Its all about everyone getting the best out of you. 3. Don’t bank on achieving anything at the last minute with out accompanying stress. Again it’s sometimes unavoidable but make it the exception not the norm. 4. Keep on top of emails by having a sort out for the first 20 minutes of your work session before you start actual work. Don’t spend all your time on emails but categorise and then work on a particular topic or theme. Its more efficient. On the same note I think this is more efficient than just dealing with emails all day. Do them in bunches. 5. Get support – either someone who will do printing and mundane tasks if possible or at least someone who knows where you are when and how people can get hold of you. On the same note be clear through email signatures and out of office replies how you can be contacted and what a typical turnaround time will be for a response. 6. Don’t work just because you should. If your head isn’t there you won’t do a good job, you bare better off waiting until you are up for it and can just crack on with the task. 7. Be reliable and build your reputation. Just because you prefer your child to your colleagues you don’t want to give this impression and you don’t want people to think you are flaky. On that note track your hours carefully and share them with your boss without being requested. On this note I need to do some work!! Must dash!

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One Response to Flexible working – how to make work work!

  1. Emma Brown says:

    Do you know in all my years in an office I could never think what the category flags on emails could possible be used for?!? Great tip that, week 3 back in the working world and am now going to be far more efficient with my emails, as I have a tendency to reply to them as they filter in! Thanks Pol xxx

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