Birthday girl!

So it was Rosie’s first actual birthday today. Daddy chose her a dog as a pressie, she loves it. (This is a massive departure from the norm, phil doesn’t do toy clutter and is not fussed on dogs but his love for Rosie won out!)


I thought you might like to know some of her current hobbies, especially because she had such a lovely pile of pressies, many of which facilitates them.

So in no particular order

1. Eating cake. Any cake is good. This is actually number one hobby.
2. Putting things in things – balls in the log basket, bricks in the toy box
3. Banging at the bottom of the loft stairs shouting for daddy until he appears (productive workplace for him!)
4. Fishing rabbit out of her cot and snugging him
5. Doing jigsaws. (Actually that’s my hobby but I’m hoping to cultivate it in her!)
6. Banging things together
7. Showing us her tummy, head and clapping hands as a response to any “where?” question.
8. Singing. Loosely
9. Drinking large amounts of breast milk.

We love her!

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1 Response to Birthday girl!

  1. Valerie says:

    Happy Birthday, Rosie!! ❤ What a sweetheart!

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