Catch up..

So I’ve Ben reprimanded for my slackness in posting recently so to placate the fan (s) here is a catch up.

1. House move is getting exciting. We are on the market and we’ve just had our first viewing booked. The estate agents say she has a mortgage sorted and is a first time buyer who lives in the area. Basically she sounds fine and we’ll have her. This just means we need to find somewhere to live – seems to be proving more difficult in many ways. I can’t find anywhere in our budget that we like. We have seen one place, which was lovely, but will need an extension to make it big enough in the future and the more we think about it the bigger the extension and it is looking like a big job. If you want to change every room is it the place for you? But most of the other places are newer houses, often on an estate with a million other new houses, which is not my aspiration for a long term home. Short term would be OK but long term I’d just want to move, so its pointless really. Ho him, just need to keep looking.

2. Back to work is going well, I’m enjoying getting into it and there is a tidy challenge of a lot of things which have been neglected over the last year so need picking up again. The flexible working is going well and I’m getting quite a bit done at home while Rosie sleeps. She is not overly fond of Rachel the baby sitter come nanny; until I’ve gone and she remembers she’s OK really. So far everyone I’ve told has been OK about my impending departure..

3. On the subject of which, baby number 2 is coming along nicely. I had a terrible migraine for 5 weeks at this stage of last pregnancy which I was really worried about but luckily no sign of it yet. I had a scan last week and they put me further ahead by nearly a week, so I’m now 14.5 weeks. Which is lovely.  The baby looked just like Rosie did on the scan – if we got another one of her I’d be delighted!

I’m mostly enjoying this pregnancy much more than last time, I feel fitter and am able to relax a bit more than last time. Whatever happens we’ve got our little girl so life is good.

And on the subject of her, she is 1 tomorrow!! Too exciting, I can’t really believe it. In some ways she is still my newborn, where has that time gone…? So more on that in the next few days.

There – that’s a bit of lost ground made up…

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1 Response to Catch up..

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for the update! I can now go to bed & sleep well tonight satisfied that I know what is happening in Button’s world!

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