Book review: three in a bed

I picked this book up cheaply at a Nct sale as I am generally interested and supportive of co- sleeping although we don’t do it.

It seemed a somewhat nerve wracking thing to do and as I am such a light sleeper I wasn’t sure what benefits it might give me in terms of getting rest. However we were prepared to do what was right for Rosie, although we would have both been reluctant to bed share long term. In the end Rosie made the decision for us by being keen to be out into her Moses. We held her all day or carried her in the sling, then in the night after her feeds she started agitating on me and fiddling until we put her in her bed and she promptly stopped dropped off.

So, I expected to enjoy this book as it told me the benefits of co- sleeping and offered practical advice on gentle methods to encourage a non sleeper to sleep.

Caveat: I’m only halfway through.

But the book just makes me angry! All I have read so far is how not co- sleeping is akin to child abuse. It describes a range of behaviours that a child not in the family bed or bed room will exhibit, such as crying extensively and harming itself in the cot , eg head banging. The book suggests you cannot be responsive to your child if you don’t sleep with him or her and that you age neglecting them out worse.

Is something about the tone of the book I think, as I’ve read many other books advocating co- sleeping and other “natural” parenting methods but I’ve not felt criticised until now. Maybe because I fit in with many of the other natural parenting approaches – baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth nappies – as they suit us and suit our non consumerist common sense parenting approach. Or maybe this book is just negative and is written just to back up those who are dogmatic about this?

Or maybe the second half will be an improvement?

Have you read it? What do you think? What’s your view on co-sleeping?

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