More sickness!

It seems like we’ve had sickness for ages and I’ve had enough! We’ve hardly been to any baby groups or seen friends for weeks, largely as we spend half our time at the doctors surgery.

Today we had: suspicions of her ear infection back, serious nappy rash and suspected asthma. We saw my favourite doctor; who is a really good family doctor and always is keen to help. He said no to ear infection, ears all clear, yes to nappy rash but it’s fungal not bacterial as I thought and probably to asthma, given the family history of asthma on my husband’s side and her eczema. So we’ve got an inhaler to try for that.

He did the “how are you?” too, as I mentioned we just seem to be one thing after the other and it turns out I’m desperate for spring! It is springlike today so that’s lovely, although the weather forecaster has just said winter will be back this week… Boooo..

But my tonsillitis is improving, I had a good sleep last night, it’s time for the thrush to go now please, and the pregnancy is tiring but it never gets me down as you get a baby at the end! I had a migraine from 12 to 17 weeks last time, a month off work.. That time is looming and I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Phil is just back from a hospital appointment and it looks like he needs more surgery on his face, which will mean general anaesthetic. More boooo. The op to remove one of his metal plates last year didnt work, and they’ve now found a cyst in his sinus, which might help. Not sure whether to feel optimistic or not…

Moan moan moan

Oh and my sister has got d&v for the second time this week and can’t look after her baby.. Poor them too!

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3 Responses to More sickness!

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh dear! HUGS passed around to all of you! ❤ They don't have nebulizers there? We weren't prescribed an inhaler until Joshua was 5 years old – before that was a nebulizer (which we have also had to use with Samuel). It mists out a vapor of medication into a mask you put on the little one's face instead of them having to breathe in at a specific time.

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