Don’t microwave breast milk just before the estate agent arrives!

Is my one bit of advice for those primping up their houses with a view to selling. It smells foul, we all know that! My second piece of advice is to request of the baby they don’t do a stinky poo first thing in the morning.

And to do their part it would be great if the estate agent could not come 10 minutes early while I’m hurriedly washing up as the dishwasher is full but we can’t use it because the drains are blocked, and trying to eat a bowl of cereal which I have to hide in the fridge.

But other than that it was a good experience – the chap was really friendly and helpful, and his suit wasn’t at all shiny!! He reckoned that we would probably get what we paid and as it is in a good location and good nick someone would probably snap it up quickly. Just like we did when we bought it.

Lets see what the next guy says, he’s due in half an hour. I’m just having a sit down and feet up as the new baby seems to be growing at the moment (or I’ve done too much) and seems to be trying to break free and stick out. Big baby showed her fear of all men and boo-hooed the whole time the agent was here. She’s having a nap now.

I also rang the mortgage people and they gave me a go ahead to find a new property and then get back to them. We can borrow a bit more too. I’ve been secretly worrying that we won’t be able to move until our fixed contract expires in September but I was wrong happily.

So a positive start to the morning!

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