Cloth nappies.. its the only way.

This post is provoked by my blog friend Valerie who wrote about this the other day and asked for our thoughts.  As I haven’t written on this topic before I thought it was about time.

We love cloth nappies!  In fact we love them so much we have never used disposables!

In fact that is only true on one level ( the first statement, the second is true in that we haven’t used them since we left the hospital when she was born).  We do love cloth, but only insomuch as it covers our babies bottom, and sorts out her wees and poos.  People who use cloth often say it is addictive, you get so into it that you spend loads of money and just want all the greatest styles and types.  That is not us at all.  Don’t get me wrong, we have some pretty nice looking nappies and Rosie looks the cutest in them, but they are just as exciting to me as clothes.  Mildly.


We have a very mixed stash.  Being the cheapos we are we started with muslins and wraps for the newborn and terries and wraps for a little older baby.  We have since splashed out and use mostly two-parters at home, motherease one size with a rumparooz wrap.  Then we have rumparooz all in ones in the nappy bag, because one piece of material is a bit easier to put on when you are who knows where.  This terry is not folded brilliantly to contain breastfed baby poo, but this is just one of the most lovely pictures of Rosie I have.  She just looks perfect in it!

Two other bits of essential equipment in my eyes are cloth wipes, and wet bags – which are nappy bags for the dirty nappies.  We use a bottle of spray with soapy stuff in it and our wipes are made from cut up pairs of pyjamas, although you can fork out for the “real thing” to wipe up baby poo, if that floats your boat.  Both wipes and wet bags are essential because otherwise you need to sort out a dirty nappy from a plastic nappy bag and bin the bag and wipes when you get home, which is more handling than I am delighted to do.  In the same vein I always try to drop off the little brown friends that appear where I am changing the nappy, if there is a loo in the vicinity, as it is not that appealing to have to get the little fellas out at home.  Inevitably some poos require a scrape rather than a flick, so they have to wait til we get back to our trusty scrapey knife.  Enough of that though.


Here is my favourite picture of her showing her sleeping in just a nappy and wrap on holiday camping in Germany.  It was 32deg that night and it was hot hot hot in the tent.



We didn’t choose cloth nappies particularly (they chose us :)).  I just think there is something a bit gross about putting a baby in a plastic bag day in day out, I can’t stand the smell of the chemicals and the look of a bulging disposable on a toddling baby, and I can’t abide the thought of the amount of rubbish we would generate.  I have reservations about using disposables even on holiday  and so far we never have, but I think I need to get over my ickiness and be practical.

I guess some people feel icky about using cloth nappies, but I figure a bit of wee and poo is neither here nor there, and most women have dealt with worse by the time they have had a baby.  We are not icky about the odd wee done out of the nappy either so Rosie gets plenty of nappy off time too, which I think is really good, and has certainly helped when she has had a bit of nappy rash.

I can’t comment on the washing, as it is all I have known, but it only takes 5 mins to chuck a load in the machine a couple of times a week, and a further 5 mins to hang it out.  I can’t be doing with lugging nappies back from the shop every week or what have you.  And we never run out!

So really, for us its all about cloth. Phil hasn’t looked back either.

Here is her newest nappy which was a Christmas present from my sister:

2013-01-26 12.33.082013-01-26 12.32.41

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One Response to Cloth nappies.. its the only way.

  1. Valerie says:

    Great post and lovely pictures of her!! xx

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