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Book review: three in a bed

I picked this book up cheaply at a Nct sale as I am generally interested and supportive of co- sleeping although we don’t do it. It seemed a somewhat nerve wracking thing to do and as I am such a … Continue reading

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Boy or girl?

People think she’s a boy all the time, just because I don’t dress her in pink every day. But take this one? Purple body warmer and cardi with pink bits on it. And I still got a load of “isn’t … Continue reading

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Napkins and ribbons!

We received a set of silver napkin rings for a wedding gift, but couldn’t work out how to differentiate whose grubby napkin was whose. Brilliant idea from me – if I say so myself – to tie coloured ribbon to … Continue reading

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Some good ideas for puddings!

This link from Babycentre offers some pudding options for babies.  We are yet to puree anything but some of the other ideas are good and some can be adapted not to be pureed. I am generally considered the world’s worst … Continue reading

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More sickness!

It seems like we’ve had sickness for ages and I’ve had enough! We’ve hardly been to any baby groups or seen friends for weeks, largely as we spend half our time at the doctors surgery. Today we had: suspicions of … Continue reading

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Slings and Things

I’m not getting to carry Rosie very much at the moment.  Mostly this is because I’m trying not to lift her too much, and what inevitably happens when I do carry her is that I pop round to the shops … Continue reading

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A simple life 4 – knick knacks

We’ve taken lots of odds and sods down from the mantelpiece and other shelves and what have you around the house and it feels so lovely! We used to have empty champagne bottles and corks, toys and all sorts up … Continue reading

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