More role reversal!

I went back to work today for the day.  It was quite good fun, and I am starting to get into my head that I am going back in a few weeks.  

I ummeed and ahhhed for a good while about whether to go back and eventually decided I would, but it would be as part time as possible.  Work have agreed with 2.5 days a week on a flexible basis, and my job is very much about networking and attending meetings, so flexible is as good for them as it is for me.  When I’m not required at the office, I can work in my own time at home, so some of my hours will be made up as Rosie naps or is in bed, or when Phil is here.


Workwise, a major part of my job is leading a group of Directors and running their collaborative work programme (dull local government speak for some I expect!).  It was both reassuring and disheartening at the meeting today to learn that I did know about much of what was being discussed, it hasn’t all moved on loads!  But pleasingly my replacement has budged forward some bits.  Obviously the shine will wear off pretty soon!  I had to come home at half 2 as my brain was full full full, so putting in a full working day will be interesting… (and something I will resist!)

So, now I really need to get thinking about childcare.  We decided ages ago that we want someone to come to the home rather than send Rosie to a nursery.  I believe that there is no reason to encourage socialisation in a baby/toddler, so our childcare will be on a one to one basis with familiar faces as far as possible.  All being well, I might be back at home again before the year is out, so we won’t have too many days to cover.  A friend is setting up as a nanny apparently, so she is our first point of call, then I know of some agencies to start trying with too.  But today has made me realise I need to actually do this!  Time is ticking on…


In the meantime.. Phil was at home with Rosie today.  He took her to the supermarket (and bought me flowers!!).  I’m not sure she enjoyed her ride in the trolley…


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