Well, again I haven’t been much on the blog the last few weeks – too much other stuff going on!

The best news is my other sister had her baby yesterday in another quick labour (envy!). A 5lb11 little girl called Zoe – which I think is a lovely name. The uk is set for snow so I might not manage a trip to London this weekend, sadly, in spite of our plans.

Sadly I’ve not been able to see my other sister with her baby since we got back either – she cancelled one week as she was ill, and I cancelled this week as I was ill. Fingers crossed for next week. She only lives an hour away but I need a whole day to do it, so sometimes it’s hard to fit in.

In the meantime we have been busy at home – house hunting as we decided that we need more room if our family is going to grow. That’s the other bit of news – I’m pregnant.

I’ve decided to announce it too the blog as its not going great so far so we can’t get excited about it in a happy secret kin d of way! So if anyone I know in real life reads the blog (Kate? Laura?) – please keep the secret? I’ve had a bit of bleeding, last weekend, and was scanned yesterday. It seems ok on the scan, they have measured me to be 6 weeks, which sounds ok to me although dates say 7 weeks. They want to rescan in 10 days to look for a heartbeat.

So, on the face of it it all sounds fine, but mostly it just seems a bit of a worry. I had a bit more bleeding last night – although that’s not a surprise after all the rummaging that went on! And I’m analysing why I don’t feel as sick today as I did yesterday. Ho hum.

So I’m trying hard to distract myself and to rest as much as possible. These two don’t go together as resting means you wander round the Internet or fidget watching tv. And it’s not that distracting getting on with house hunting and tidying up for estate agents as that brings thoughts back to the baby.

My sour mood is not helped by not managing to get out much and see people, like visit my sister, and the incoming snow is threatening to cancel our weekend away with Phil’s cousins. Hopefully I will manage to see a good local friend today and she will cheer me up with talk of managing with two littlies. I’m going to tell her the news – I’m terrible at keeping my own secrets at the best of time, let alone the not so good times.

Ill return. And I’ll be more cheerful, I promise!!

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4 Responses to Babies!

  1. Valerie says:

    Congrats on the new neice! Such fun!!
    I’m sorry about the bleeding. 😦 No matter the cause, it’s always a bit unnerving, to say the least. I’m glad the scan looked good. Hoping the next 10 days rush by for you!! 😀

  2. Katie Garnett says:

    oh no Pol – just seen this, hope you ok xx

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