A simple life 3 – Rosie’s stuff

This is mostly about clothes too and I’ve had a good clear out of her wardrobe which I find very enjoyable. I’ve bagged up all the littlest stuff – I cannot believe how little she was, and sorted through until the top age range we have – which is 5. We’ve been given a huge number of clothes and at the beginning I accepted everything gratefully. I still accept it gratefully and am really grateful to receive it, but I’m not keeping anything any more. Rosie never wears trousers, leggings or much in pale pink. Others do it seems! We like dresses and dungarees and trousers with feet. Anything else doesn’t seem to work with her cloth nappies and short leg combo! So it’s going back out out to the charity shop. That’s 7 bags of stuff gone.

Similar situation with toys. If she hasn’t played with it, has more than one the same, or it’s too young and she didn’t love it – gone!

Lovely jubbly!

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One Response to A simple life 3 – Rosie’s stuff

  1. Valerie says:

    Seven bags?! Nice! That feels so good to give to charity. I have a constant bag/box going.
    Hey, I’m doing a postcard exchange, and I’d love for you to join in if you want to!! 😀 Check out my blog whenever you get the chance.

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