A simple life 2 – Clothes

This is a relatively easy place to start now my mindset is straight. Because everyone has tonnes of clothes.

In my room I’ve one rail of clothes and a chest of drawers. So far so good. Oh, and a storage cupboard full of bagged up items. Not so good. Some of the clothes are understandable, like a surprisingly large amount of maternity stuff, which I’m hoping to need again soon and ski clothes which I hope to need but perhaps not so soon! But there is an awful lot of summer stuff, which wouldn’t be so bad if all the stuff down was just winter stuff. But it’s not – it’s all season, most if it, with just a few thick jumpers for winter. So there is a job up there to do for sure. The problem I have is that I frequently weed out the unworn and misshapen. But more comes in and my overall amount remains too high for my liking. So now I need to be ruthless.

They say that 80% of the time you wear 20% of your clothes, or something like that. And I came across a blog saying you only need 33 items (will link when I get a chance on the laptop). So I’m being critical and thinking – if I needed a dress and this this and this favourite was in the wash – would I wear this? If the answer is no – it’s too frumpy, short, tight etc, I decide if it is ever likely to become more suitable, and if not, out it goes. However much I like the idea of it. Another good approach is to say – if I went on holiday for a month, would I take it? Would I miss it at home? This means I keep a few more party frocks for special occasions, but fewer boring everyday things. I’ve also surprised myself in my sorting out that I now have a big bag full of spares! Vest tops, t shirts and pants and socks. Too many duplicates for the drawers, but mostly nearly new of new basics. First port of call then.

Tally: 4 bags to the charity shop today! A great start. I’ll deal with Rosie’s clothes in a future post.

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