30 minutes to kill

What do you do while you dye your hair?

I appreciated that not everyone is as vain as me and that some people don’t do a box job at home but prioritise a nice sit down in a salon once a month or so, but for the rest of us what do you do?

I don’t like to sit on my bed, in case I drip and I can’t talk on the phone, so I tend to end up doing housework. I nearly always give the bathroom a proper clean; then normally gold washing. I’ve got a ton of other things to do too to keep me busy, but the most fun part is the mind rambling in this quiet part of the day once Rosie is in bed and before supper.

I’m musing:
– that R turned down a feed today so only had two breastfeeds – morning and night. I don’t want her to cut down anymore or even this far, but it might help nudge another along, so mixed feelings really
– that I feel guilty for turfing Phil out the bath when he was having a good time with Rosie. No reason for doing it really except bathtime is normally with me, but he should get a go and I’m going in the shower to get the hairdye off
– grateful that his car seems to be working again as it wasn’t this am so he took that family car and I had to cut out my driving errands and do walking errands instead
– hoping R is less tired tomorrow and thinking of something to do that she would like
– wondering whether we really might go to Munich and loving Phil for suggesting it
– and finally pondering how little Bertie is getting on!

Enough procrastination – cleaning to do!

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