New Year’s Resolutions

I love new year.  I also love Christmas, and really enjoy spending time with my family and extended family and friends, and just like to revel in the joyousness that is my life.  But new year is such an exciting time of looking back at what the year has been and what is coming up in the new year.

I’m blessed in that I haven’t had any truly awful years yet, and being an optimist, I am always able to look on the bright side.  Don’t get me wrong, bad things have happened, and I’ve made mistakes in rubbish relationships and the like, but I’ve never been in the position of truly despairing.  It says in the Bible that God only tests you with as much as you can deal with (Corinthians 10;13), which I always wonder about – does this mean that my test is yet to come??

Anyway, I digress.  I love that freshness of the new year, when you really evaluate your life and have a think about what you want it to be like.  I always have a big spring clean in the new year, and also check my bank accounts to see where I can save money on contracts, and to make sure I am on track with savings and the like.  I sometimes make resolutions too, and have made two this year:

1. Read more

2. Live a simpler life

The first is obvious, and I have always loved reading, so shouldnt be too hard.  The reality is I spend more time mindlessly on the internet and not so much time actually picking up books from the pile of 10 or so I have stacked up.  I used to read a book every few weeks, but now it is every few months, and that is not due to having a baby.  I have been toying with starting a book club for a while now as well, and think that if I clear the backlog and actually start reading new books that I have selected, I might have the basis to do this.

The second, I will write about more in another post, but is all to do with reducing consumerism, filtering out rubbish from our lives and making sure that we prioritise doing what we really want to do, rather than ticking the days along in a passing the time kind of way.  It is a lot about living in a more minimalist way, which is a good place to start I think, and also about seeing friends and family more too.  This is something I have been working on for a while now, so is not going to be a shock to the system.  And should hopefully be achievable as a resolution.

Here’s hoping!


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