A simple life 1 – Decluttering for New Year

I’m officially driving Phil mad! Sorting things out, decluttering and clearing, and it’s not that long since the last time! I can’t help it! We’ve got too much stuff!! Way too much. Stuff is everywhere! I started thinking this in the summer when we spent a week staying in our aunt and uncle’s small flat in the south of France. It’s mini, but has everything we need. So why do we need 4 drawers of kitchen stuff where there I will do? Why do we need wardrobes full of clothes when we use the washing machine a couple of times a week?

Minimalism is a mindset, and one I’ve been giving quite a bit of thought. That’s why I’ve made “a simple life” one of my resolutions this year. It is about more than minimising as I said I’m my previous post about resolutions. Over the last year I have drastically cut back on the amount of stuff we’ve bought into the house, but I’ve still amassed a large storage bag of maternity clothes and another of baby clothes. Our loft is not too full, but since we moved in two years ago there are only a handful of times we’ve actually gone up there to get something. What’s that about then? Some things are for keeping for a future home or need, but others are just junk!

So I’m going to do a mini series about simplifying and minimalising and share some bits I’ve cut out of my life! I hope you enjoy!

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