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Heartbeat flickering…

In other news, we had another scan on Monday and a little heartbeat was flickering away. So Rosie is going to have a sibling! They dated me at 7+3 which means that I’ve basically progressed 2 pregnancy weeks in a … Continue reading

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Rosie’s test

So, Rosie has got a exam coming up! Today we received an invite for her to come to her 9-12 month development check and a questionnaire came with it. I’m glad I looked at it as it is a progress … Continue reading

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More role reversal!

I went back to work today for the day.  It was quite good fun, and I am starting to get into my head that I am going back in a few weeks.   I ummeed and ahhhed for a good … Continue reading

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Well, again I haven’t been much on the blog the last few weeks – too much other stuff going on! The best news is my other sister had her baby yesterday in another quick labour (envy!). A 5lb11 little girl … Continue reading

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A simple life 3 – Rosie’s stuff

This is mostly about clothes too and I’ve had a good clear out of her wardrobe which I find very enjoyable. I’ve bagged up all the littlest stuff – I cannot believe how little she was, and sorted through until … Continue reading

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30 minutes to kill

What do you do while you dye your hair? I appreciated that not everyone is as vain as me and that some people don’t do a box job at home but prioritise a nice sit down in a salon once … Continue reading

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A simple life 2 – Clothes

This is a relatively easy place to start now my mindset is straight. Because everyone has tonnes of clothes. In my room I’ve one rail of clothes and a chest of drawers. So far so good. Oh, and a storage … Continue reading

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