The wonder of three naps!

Achieved a photo of Rosie in a frame after 9 months! And I’ve done her baby book so it is almost up to date, with LOADS of photos! It’s been a job I’ve been working on for a little while, and I’ve been determined to get it done for Christmas.

Today we’ve had a quiet day at home; deliberately as it’s been super busy and will continue to be super busy for a while yet. Button has been looking exhausted too, a side effect of her new found commando crawling skills perhaps? So I tried her for a third nap at 4pm and she has had 45 mins.

She doesn’t always get chance for a third nap as we are not strict on nap schedules and daily arrangements, but we normally fit two in. But she does need it really, and has now had about three and a half hours nap time on top of a 13 hour night, so she might be a bit better once she’s had this night’s sleep. Ready for our big lunch out to celebrate my birthday tomorrow!

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One Response to The wonder of three naps!

  1. Valerie says:

    Yay for 3 naps! Samuel finally went down to one nap between 13 & 14 months old, but some days he just still needs a catnap in the late afternoon, like 30 minutes. 🙂

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