Decluttering for Christmas

I love to leave the house spic and span at Christmas, not for guests as we mostly don’t have guests here in actual Christmas week, but just so it its done.

We gave the house a good clean and the floors a mop for the Nct Christmas lunch on Tuesday, which was a blast – and a perfect lunch, I’ve cleared out the bathroom cupboards (in anticipation of a few smellies), and now am working on Rosie’s room and toys. Even though she has fewer clothes and toys than every other child whose house I’ve visited she still has more than she plays with, and given she will get one or two more within the week – as a minimum the three we’ve wrapped for her, it is safe to assume she has more than she needs.

I am also not happy with the way her or our unwanted clothes are stored and need to do a proper job on that – with the assistance of what our family call Ghana Gucci’s – but I need to order some so that shouldn’t distract from actually wrapping gifts. It can go on the list for post Xmas, with a massive loft clear out.. (Safe to say I’m more enthusiastic than Phil about that!)

So that will just leave my desk – which is always surrounded by flotsam and jetsam, but never seems to get to the top of the list!

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3 Responses to Decluttering for Christmas

  1. Valerie says:

    I just love cleaning and organizing!! Good for you that you haven’t smothered Rodie with “stuff”. 😀

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