Nine months and a new woman!

So, Button has started crawling. She did a little crawl across the bed on Friday morning in haste to get to daddy, as a taste of what was to come, and she has been moving around a bit this weekend, where we’ve been staying with friends. But today was the big day!

The really interesting thing is she has been a totally different personality today too. She has always been very content to sit, just to sit, and to sit on my knee. She also has been great at being held, curling her legs around me and basically sitting in my arms until we get where we are going.  But not today.  She has figured out she can get places, and she has learnt to be impatient like her mummy. So she is straining in my arms, craning round to get there, lunging forward and out. She is desperate to be on the floor and has not sat still for a single minute today; she has explored every corner of her bedroom, and has made it to a huge number of toys today, all by herself. She has been a terrible wrigglebum on my knee all day, wearing me out with her turning and climbing. And it is just so unexpected.

I’m interested to see what tomorrow will hold, new girl or my placid baby?
Whatever, I expect she will sleep well tonight!

Oh, and also she had her first proper upset today, a bit shocked when she woke from her nap to find her nanny and grandad here, and she grabbed me and sobbed! A proper sob. Too heart-breaking!

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2 Responses to Nine months and a new woman!

  1. Valerie says:

    Yay!! So exciting! Aww, the poor thing – a proper sob? 😦 I bet she recovered nicely once she woke a bit more, though, right? 😉

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