Role swap!

So today we’ve become this

And this:

A big day in our household! I’ve never left her for this long before, in fact I’ve only been out for two evenings so far, once with Phil when my in laws babysat and one girls night when Phil was here. I’ve also popped to dunelm by myself once or twice to buy crafty supplies but that is about it! (aren’t I rock and roll). I haven’t felt the need to leave her, and I love her company -because it means I can chat inanely to her instead of looking crazy and muttering to myself!

But it now seems right. It feels like Phil deserves a turn of looking after her and I am mildly interested in seeing what this work malarkey is all about. It will be lovely to catch up and see friends anyway. It is also a great day for it because my organisation is running a conference and it only runs from 1130 til 1530 so it isn’t a full day away. Which is good news on the milk front as well. I haven’t left any milk as we have never offered it from a bottle since she figured out Breastfeeding, and we know she feeds for comfort just as much as milk. Phil will offer food and drink in copious amounts and no doubt she will assault me for it when I get back.

So, getting ready was an adventure. I left myself precisely 30 minutes to pluck stray hairs I haven’t noticed for 8 months, shower including a 3 course hair wash as I put conditioner on first, locate my only pair of nude tights, consider what I might wear realising I had 2 options, which would have been more if I had planned ahead and got something down from the clothes archive, establish that none of my heels fit my newly size 5 planks so flat shoes it is, and seek advice from Phil on what people take to work, resulting in a handbag filled with a notebook and pen (cracking idea I love him!), banana cake (my idea) and some other bits and pieces including a crucial £3.80 for the bus. I’ve just nearly skidded in the ice in my hurry for the bus (no hurry with a baby..) but here I am ready to go!

Wish me luck!!



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