Oh where, oh where has my kitchen bin gone?

So, everyone has a kitchen bin. Or do they….?

We got rid of ours about a month ago and we’ve hardly missed it. We used to have monster sized one that dotted black bin bags in it and we used to produce about a bag of waste a week between the two of us. But there was never anywhere really in the kitchen to put it. And then I realised that with our new array of recycling receptacles, courtesy of Sandwell Council, we were only filling it about a quarter full. So we decided to get another smaller bin, but we’re not prepared to pay more than a tenner, and we didn’t want a crappy ugly one. One day I just moved the bin outside and we never bought it back.

About once a day I open the back door and chuck something into the big wheelie bin that’s in reach of the step. All the rest of the rubbish goes in the recycling bag or food waste tub.

That makes me very happy!


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One Response to Oh where, oh where has my kitchen bin gone?

  1. Valerie says:

    That’s awesome! 🙂 We recycle a lot, but we still definitely have need for a bin. Five people make plenty of trash apparently….or *these* five do, anyway! 😛

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