15 day challenge – day 2

The title today is “where did you grow up? Small town or big city?”

I grew up in Crickhowell, Wales. Owe moved there when I was about two and lived on the army camp there. (my parents met when they were in the army although my mother packed it in on marriage). My parents liked the town so much they bought a house there. They still live in that house now, and it’s a mile out of the town on the top of a hill. It’s a great house and a pretty town, and I’d like to live somewhere like that myself (do you either copy your parents or rebel against?). We didn’t have tonnes of friends locally as we went away to boarding school but we used to have friends to stay or visit friends (thanks for all the lifts parents!) and we were never bored because we had each other (and that golf game on the pc!)

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2 Responses to 15 day challenge – day 2

  1. Valerie says:

    How long did you stay at boarding school? Like for how long before coming home each time? I’ve always been interested in that but never known anyone who attended one. 🙂

    • pollyreed says:

      Ha! Ask away! We used to have weekends at home every month or three weeks – starting at Saturday lunchtime as we had sat morning school and back on Sunday evening for church at 7ish. On weeks we didn’t have long leave (so called!) we had Sunday afternoons off so used to go home for Sunday lunch. Not everyone went home but I liked to as I’m a homey kinda girl. My home was only actually 20 minutes away – we were at school as many army children in uk are as otherwise you might have to change schools a lot.

      We loved that school, we were at another boarding school before but didn’t like it much. At this school we started off as day girls but loved it so much we begged to board!

      Maybe I’ll write some more about it sometime – I guess it’s a unique experience! Feel free to ask more!

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