She waved!

We’ve been encouraging baby girl to wave and still working on baby signs and today we have had a breakthrough!! She has been working on waving for a few days and today cracked it, but not before she repeated the signal milk back to me!! What a trooper is my girl!!!

In other news we braved the Merry Hill shopping experience today, and once I’d found the entrance I had a surprisingly good time. We had a picnic after a little while (note to self – sandwich = supremely messy, I should have learnt that by now) enjoyed by all and found a number of great shops just when I required them. And we made a very good start on the Christmas presents. I now need to pursuade Phil to give me some of the bits I accidentally bought for me, and to give me one of them now. This minute!!!! In time for today’s party!!! Now!!


What do you think? Do you like it? Help me convince him? It would be perfect to put my bits in to go with the nappy bag and other baby kit…

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One Response to She waved!

  1. Valerie says:

    Yay for waving!! 😀 I have loved doing sign language with my boys!! Didn’t know about it doing it with hearing children before I was pregnant with Joshua, so I couldn’t do it with Maggie. I posted some resources (videos, websites) and our experience here, if you’re interested:

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