Nosh Wednesday – end of the month store cupboard surprises

This post started on Saturday when I made an inspired supper with not much in the fridge, and we’ve not been to the shop since!

So, with chorizo and mushrooms I made pancakes with mushrooms in a cheese sauce and fried chorizo on the side (we agree that chorizo goes with everything and MAKES a meal)


We also had homemade GU style puddings afterwards


Then also on Saturday night I made a huge beef stew that we ate on Sunday and Monday and Rosie also had on Tuesday. We tittered because many parents worry about what stock to use without salt, but apparently we don’t use soup, just wine to season our stew!!

Yesterday I thought we really would have to go to the shop and I decided to make egg fried rice – and then as I thought about it I realised that I had everything in for that too – half a manly pepper, peas, spinach, pancetta (good tip) in the freezer; whack it in with rice and eggs and a pile of Tabasco and we were sorted.

Pleasingly we are being fed tonight at a birthday party, which will be fun, and suit our abstemious week!

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