A perfectly round head!

Today Rosie has hit another little milestone. She can roll off her pillow.


She has had this pillow since she was about 4 months old when we were worried about the shape that her head was growing in and took her to the doctor. While we were waiting an age for the hospital appointment to come through we did a bit of research and decided to spend our pennies on a pillow for her. It seemed to have an impact straight away and we knew in a few weeks that the flatness was rounding out.

The flatness was caused by her habit of sucking one thumb and leaning on that side to do so and the pillow worked in two ways: it changed the position of her head so the pressure wasn’t on the flat bit, and it removed her dependency on thumb sucking while asleep – thumb dropped out as she dropped off.

By about 6 months it was pretty much a perfect round again – certainly not noticeable to anyone who didn’t know there had been a problem but we weren’t brave enough to dispense with the magic pillow. Until now. She has been found sleeping on her side a bit recently so she has definitely grown out of needing it.

So, I’ve just put her down for her nap without it. Let’s see how she gets on!

Here is what it looks like



And here is some very useful information from Great Ormond Street that my friend pointed me to – plagiocephaly and here is the link from Amazon of the product we bought – Anti Pressure Baby Head Support Pillow

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