Nosh Wednesday..

So, I can’t claim someone else’s baking as my own Nosh Wednesday, so instead I will tell you about the pizza I made to eat before the big unveiling of the cake.  


I made the dough in the bread machine.  Double recipe to get around the NCT gang – podges that they are (not really).  And left it to prove overnight, in a not big enough bowl it seems.

Then in the morning I added the toppings:

– tinned tomatoes on all (did you know how much salt pizza topping sauce has in it?  A scandal I tell you

– pepperoni and mozzarella on one

– mushrooms and olives on another (was going to be artichoke and olives but Aldi let me down), ooh and mozzarella

– ham and piney on the third, with moz of course.

And I made one for the babies with mushrooms and piney and cheddar because Rosie finds mozzarella a bit chewy (read gaggy) so I thought that would be a bit much.  They devoured it.  Rosie in fact stayed at the table for the best part of two hours. munching and enjoying the chat.

I teamed it with some salad.

It was a great afternoon, and a perfect meal for snugging up inside away from the rain.



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2 Responses to Nosh Wednesday..

  1. Katie Garnett says:

    No piccie of the finished pizzas??? ate them too quickly?!

  2. pollyreed says:

    yep – we shoved them in!

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