In praise of.. The tea machine!

One of my fond memories of childhood is waking ip to the neee-naw of the tea machine going off and running into my parents room at this signal of official wake up time for a sippy cup of milky tea.

One of our wedding presents was our tea machine. It is one of my favourite presents. After we got married we set the alarm on the machine and every morning we were woken up by a nice hot cup of tea. It was a big step up moving to a house from a flat with the kitchen next door, to a house with a kitchen downstairs and through to the back. Frankly neither of us wanted to do it. So, we were saved by the tea machine, especially in the cold winter mornings.

Once we had Rosie and I stopped going out to work we didn’t use it for a bit. But, as the mornings are chillier we’ve figured out that we need it on the days that Phil works at home and on the weekends when we all get up at the same time. So we’re back to morning tea while Rosie has morning milk. One day maybe she’ll have a baby cup of tea too…


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