Living in the moment v Think it do it

I have been really struck this week by a post written by my friend and fellow blogger Charlie at Learning Lessons in MummyographyImage. It mirrors what we are going through.  She talks about how she has been at home with her baby girl, Euna, for a week due to illness, and during that week, has settled down in to a really nice and relaxed routine, where she and her baby have been enjoying things together.  She gives an example of eating breakfast, not trying to do a million other things, and that was the thought that got me.

My father in law says I am “think it, do it” because as soon as I have thought of a job (generally some DIY related task for Phil) I want it done.  He is absolutely right; but I maintain that it is a strength and keeps our household shipshape. (And we need to hold this line, as I have recently discovered that Phil is a secret blog reader:- he says it helps him nod off at night..)  He would also point out that I get impatient easily.  For example I tolerate an outstanding task, say putting up the stairgate, just as an example (YES PHIL I’M LOOKING AT YOU), for a certain amount of time, but suddenly, I want it done and I want it done NOW.  Lots of shouting there, I don’t shout that much;  I don’t need to, my expression says it all.  But I digress.

I do think of that as a strength and I like getting through piles of tasks and the sense of calm that derives from doing this; but I am also conscious that I need to relax and enjoy as well.  Every day I do appreciate the wonder that is Rosie, and also my marriage and family, but I am sometimes to be found racing ahead of myself.  But this week, rather like Charlie, we have been very leisurely, we have been unhurried and still achieved plenty, baby girl has been in a lovely routine of two big naps a day and now is having three meals a day, and most importantly we have enjoyed ourselves.  We are fresh from meeting a new friend for coffee, and all seems well with the world! Happy times indeed.

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One Response to Living in the moment v Think it do it

  1. Katie Garnett says:

    So lovely to read that you can take time to enjoy babyhood – as many have said before it goes so quickly. At least you have this diary to remind you!!

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