Nosh Wednesday – Button Led Weaning

I thought I’d share with you today some of Rosie’s ways about food recently; mealtimes are so enjoyable with her and she’s so so happy in her highchair babbling away, it is a great time of the day.

We have been “doing blw”. Baby led weaning is basically about the child self feeding instead of being spoon fed purees. As time has gone on I feel more dubious about the term, as the words baby led weaning actually mean letting the baby, er, take the lead in weaning.. Which in my book means selecting food and feeding him or herself. And doesn’t require a book to understand the rules. What we are doing is quite simple; feeding Rosie what we are eating, with modifications to reduce salt, increase fat through full fat dairy products, and not offer junk food, having missed out the purée stage altogether. I am also yet to pride myself on not having bought a product from any baby aisle yet – and am feeling nice and smug about not feeding my baby something I wouldn’t let pass my lips and fill the pockets of commercial super companies who have deluded us into thinking that we cannot manage without their products.

So, with that preamble out the way, here is what Rosie likes:
– anything on toast, including avocado, banana and tomato, and we’re trying eggy bread today
– pasta, including with fishy or tomatoey sauces
– potato, particularly mashed and with other veg mixed in
– porridge or other cereal, but not so much when I add fruit
– rice, especially risotto
– bananas and pears and anything for pudding except for fruit on its own. Preferably cream and ice cream if she’s offered a choice.

Basically carbs and pudding if she has a choice! She also loves what I eat, even of its the same as hers she’d rather mine, and she’s not beyond taking something out to get something else in and then pushing the first item in as well.

Here are some pics:

And I also thought it would be interesting to type the list of foods she ate in her first two weeks of weaning, aged 6 months:

Salmon,  pasta,  green beans, creme fraiche, chicken, Beef, Courgette, Peppers, Corn on cob, Carrots, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, cheddar cheese, Ham,  strawberries, Cream, Rice, Dried apricot, Raspberries, Oats and porridge, Potato, Egg, Bread, Yoghurt, Mango

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