Tis the season!

So, who has started Christmas shopping? It’s time!

I don’t like to start too early but it’s silly to leave it too late. I’ve been giving it a bit of thought for the last few weeks but now it’s time to put those thoughts into actions. Some people’s presents are long planned and others vague ideas that need research and refining. And there are always a few for whom we haven’t a clue!

Phil and I haven’t decided what to do about presents this year. Last year we did each other stockings, but we might be doing stockings in a different way with family this year. So yesterday we were toying with not doing presents, but we can’t do that as I’ve remembered some things I have already chosen for him! Something smallish then instead..

And Rosie’s presents are already coming along. She’ll have a few things from us, and other members of the family will want to give her a little something I suspect too!

We always do secret Santa with my family instead of getting something for each individual family member – we pulled it on the weekend, so I know who else I’m buying for now too. That helps in the planning.

Finally I’ve got to get cracking with my Christmas craft projects – I bet some of you have long started these too!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year – lots of new things to add to the tried and tested old way of doing things, and I love that!! And of course the addition of one baby and two on the way..

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