Nosh Wednesdays.. Jam packed but a bit late!

Unfortunately we have been struck down with the lurgi, so I’m delayed in writing this, but in spite of that we have had a veritable week of cookery galore! So here are some recipes that have passed our lips

1. Homemade burgers and chips on Friday when my sister came to visit. So easy but seem a bit posh – think Fridays rather than mc’ds! Mince meat, onion and cumin mashed together, then bacon, cheese, (Stilton for me please) and wedges of potato baked, all served with salad. Yummy!

2. And in honour of that sister I promised to share her my mum’s amazing flapjack recipe – which is so dead easy but delicious. Between her and Phil I barely get to taste any.

3. On Monday night we made a “supper surprise!” (aka whatever is in the fridge). So, sausages, parsnip, carrot with a tin of chopped tomatoes tipped on, baked in the oven for an hour and served with couscous. Delish – surprisingly.

4. And finally – I discovered horlicks!!!! Yumbo



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