10 things I love about Rosie!

So, when I got Rosie up from her nap she smelt of caramel. Which is weird as she has never had any! And I thought how much I love her, which prompted me to write this post. Of course I love everything about her (well almost…). So here is a choice selection:

1. That she rarely cries when she wakes up and, when she does, she stops crying as soon as she can hear us on the stairs.

2. That she is not taken in by our doing “voices” on her toys. She always looks at us quizzically wondering why we are talking funny.

3. How excited she is when her daddy gets home. And that daddy is the first sign she understands. This one is paired with how she would only laugh for daddy for about 3 months.

4. How much she loved swimming. She is like a big smiley fish wriggling around in the pool.

5. That she sometimes wakes up in the night and sings to herself for a while.

6. How she sits so patiently in her highchair waiting for her food to arrive and then busys herself getting on with eating it.

7. That like a proper Garnett-Reed she loves being naked most. Although she digs the dresses and tights look.

8. How she greets her bath frogs like old friends every time we get in the bath.

9. That she loves to snuggle up on my back in the sling and go for nice long walks.

10. And finally, that, without fail, she does a poo as soon as we drive off in the car. However long or short a journey the first 10 minutes is spent listening to her huffing and puffing…

What a wonderful life!

So come on – what are yours – make sure you post me a link!


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