Milk please Daddy

A conundrum indeed!  Today I gave Rosie a test.  I tested to see whether she would understand a few of the signs that we have been using with her.  She got two right!!!  She knows Daddy and Milk!  What a clever girl!


We have been going to baby sign classes for a few weeks now, and its great.  I gave it a try as I am particularly interested in languages and communication; good thing really as I spent 4 years studying French, German and Spanish at University, and LOVED my Latin A Level. And it is really interesting watching Rosie learn and understand and begin to grasp the basics of communication.   She is starting to “talk” in more recognisable “sentences” and is getting a grasp on the idea of turn-taking in a conversation. (Me: “shall we look at a book?” Rosie: “blag hop blllag noo”.. You get the picture).


So, we have been repeating a few basic signs for the last few weeks, things like milk, food and book, just before the event happens and she is occasionally a little interested, often appears totally disinterested.  But we know she is a smart cookie and learning.  One word that we use a lot is Daddy.  The sign is tapping two fingers on one hand on the back of the same two first fingers on the other hand, and when Daddy gets in from work every day we say “here’s Daddy (plus sign), Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”.  And she is always sooo excited to see him.  So today, I tested her by saying it and using the sign, and she looked at the door really hopefully and then at his desk where he sits, by peering around me, and then looked back at me hopefully.  Sorry baby, to disappoint.  But luckily I could cheer you up by offering milk, which you found straightaway.

More on babysigning here – tinytalk is the company who runs the classes we attend, and we are really happy with it.

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