Spring cleaning sort out

So I mentioned previously that we’ve been doing some spring cleaning. It’s quite fun I find! But then I get bored.. And it’s not finished. So I’m writing this post to catalogue where we’ve got to to help inspire me to finish (and stop watching friends!). So:

1. Kitchen – cupboards reorganised, doors washed in and out, larder emptied and cleaned (twice). To do: sort and wash drawers, defrost freezer, mop, clean oven.

2. Sitting and dining room – desks and bookshelves all cleaned and reorganised, DVDs sorted for selling, reorganised craft stuff. Walls washed of damp and mould. To do: sell DVDs (come on Phil!!!), eBay bits and pieces, buy tablecloth, buy fire guard

3. Bathroom – toiletries sorted, shower bleached, nappy station sorted. To do: NOTHING – WINNER!! Except endless cleaning tasks…

4. Rosie’s Room – too small clothes sorted, rearranged for cot, unwanted clothes returned to cousins. To do: sort clean clothes mountain.

5. Our room – rearranged furniture including swapping bedside tables and adding heated airer. To do: get sheets white white white

6. Loft. All to do. We need to empty and sort the attic. Bummer.

I’ll report back…


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