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She waved!

We’ve been encouraging baby girl to wave and still working on baby signs and today we have had a breakthrough!! She has been working on waving for a few days and today cracked it, but not before she repeated the … Continue reading

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Nosh Wednesday – end of the month store cupboard surprises

This post started on Saturday when I made an inspired supper with not much in the fridge, and we’ve not been to the shop since! So, with chorizo and mushrooms I made pancakes with mushrooms in a cheese sauce and … Continue reading

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15 day challenge – day 1

A bit about myself. My name is Polly, and I live in Birmingham. ¬†UK not Alabama as my sister and I like to pretend. I am currently on maternity leave with my first daughter Rosie, who is the most beautiful … Continue reading

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15 day challenge – get ready…

I’ve been reading a great blog by a new bloggy friend called Valerie from who commented on my blog a few days ago when I was wingeing about the cut on my breast (which still hurts btw and the other … Continue reading

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A perfectly round head!

Today Rosie has hit another little milestone. She can roll off her pillow. She has had this pillow since she was about 4 months old when we were worried about the shape that her head was growing in and took … Continue reading

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Today I learnt to..

Crochet! Loads of craft projects on the go now, it’s suddenly urgent to make my baby a hat!

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Ow, teeth!

I always thought the sentiment to stop Breastfeeding when a baby got teeth was a little odd. Babies need milk as a major part of their diet until at least aged 1 and most grow teeth before that. And I … Continue reading

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