I hope that you like the new header.  Now I’m on the laptop it has made me realise that the quality of the photos from my phone are dire compared with my camera.  So my mission now is to improve on the class of photo I take.  Especially given that I have got a swanky camera to use.

Today is Nosh Wednesday, so I will be posting something foodie later, but I thought I would write a bit about thriftiness and money saving this morning, apt considering it is the last day of the month; money has come in YAY! but we are still broke today as we have been for over a week now.  

We have started to set ourselves a monthly spend budget now that we have half the income coming in, and we are keen to save some, go on holiday occasionally, never be without household appliances, and someday move house. We have come in under budget for the last 3 months and have reduced the monthly amount correspondingly, but this month we are over. Shock horror.  We would have been even more over if we had bought all the things on my shopping list, which will almost without fail go out tomorrow – big online shopping day for me then…  And the big worry coming up is Christmas.  We will have to keep our belts tightened if we are going to manage the next few months. 

In order to save money we do the time honoured things of monitoring spend closely, meal planning, making sure we really really want something, and I take my housewife role seriously in finding ways to cut costs.  With apologies for poor picture quality here is my recent mission (read continual bugbear) – limiting loo roll consumption.  And lets be clear, I’m not talking about myself and the baby doesn’t use loo roll yet… 


From the left – weekly consumption when we started the experiment… to current usage.  A fifty percent saving you know..

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