My baby is growing up

This morning I was sad. And last night was hard.

I was really regretful this morning that we had moved her, although my compensation is that the house is beginning to look lovely, more on that later.

I really hoped that I’d wake up thinking that it was worth it as she slept better without the snoreathon next to me, but she didn’t. She didn’t sleep worse, but she slept the same. So no gain.

I slept worse – I missed her snuffles and noises; it was eerily quiet. I crept through once or twice to check on her and she stirred straightaway and I lay straining to hear through the wall. In fact she was physically closer to us given that our bedroom is large and she was right over there before. When she cried out she was loud and clear. Phew.

Tonight I feel more positive. No real reason except that I am fairly positive (and clearly in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal). I’m trying not to reflect that she will never be so young to sleep with us again and she only had 7 and a bit short months. And as I said, I am immensely cheered by our spring cleaned house.

Her room is gorgeous. It is finally a baby’s room. When we arrived it was decorated for a baby and we loved it so much we didn’t change it (… …). When we knew a baby was coming we bought the matching lampshade and wall hangings. We also have a white cot, and a white armchair which sits in front of the fireplace. A built in wardrobe and blinds left by the previous owners have meant that we’ve only needed to add a chest of drawers. The other thing is that it is a really lovely room. It feels lovely. It’s peaceful. We slept in here in the early days when we got married and bought the house and it feels really good. I guess if we have a million children and cant afford to move we could make this our room and make the master bedroom a dorm. That would be nice – what a great idea! So here are some pictures:


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