Sleep well baby girl!


A big night tonight! Baby girl is sleeping in her own room for the first time. It’s a big deal as there is no way back as we’ve dismantled her cot to move her.

I don’t actually have any fear for her, although she I can’t actually say she has settled beautifully as she seems to be having a shouting competition with bedtime bear and rabbit – not in a crying way, high spirits.

It’s more about me. As my family know I’m not exactly brave about the dark – have I ever walked the dogs late at night? – but I need to get over the fear that baddies are going to creep up the stairs and steal her in the night. My plan for this is to get Phil to put the stair gate up tomorrow – cant outside him now – so that I’ll hear them if they try to open it or climb it. Ha baddies!

Just got to get through tonight then… Baptism of fire!

It’s funny – at the start of the week I had no plans to do this any time in the future, although Phil the elephant, champion sneezer, sniffer and snorer was getting keen, simply when I got back from my parents it suddenly seemed like the right time; and as my father in law says, I’m “think it, do it!”. That’s how it’s been with all parenting decisions so far – one day it seems right to make this or that change.

As Phil just said “our baby girl is growing up”. (I said “shut up I don’t want to think about it. Caring, me)

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2 Responses to Sleep well baby girl!

  1. Katie Garnett says:

    o wow what a big decision and you didn’t even mention it!! How many times did you both go through to check?!

    • pollyreed says:

      I thought about it when we got back on Thursday and we just went for it yesterday. I hadn’t even considered it before – impulsive or what!

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