Rosie’s big night in!

It has finally happened – I left my baby girl.

We decided to go out for a meal for our 2nd wedding anniversary (mostly because we had some vouchers to use up!) and nana and grandad have been offering to babysit for a while. The only sticking point was that I haven’t really left her. Except for once in the early days when my c-section opened and grandma looked after her and a couple of times since when Phil’s had her all to himself. Never for more than an hour.

The main reason for this is that I haven’t actually wanted to do anything more than be with her. And this is increasingly more true as the day goes on. By the night I love her so much I can barely put her to bed and go downstairs. I can’t contemplate putting her to sleep in her own room either.

So to go out in the night is a BIG DEAL and the only reason we didn’t take her is that we decided it was mean to keep her up.

The meal was delicious and the company ok. 😍 Actually leaving her was fine, her grandparents would know exactly what to do. It was very odd however looking at half naked mildly drunk people shouting at each other over the booming music. We spent half the meal saying that a Chinese in front of a boxset would be just as good a treat.

And when we got back – she hadn’t even missed us. And that’s not to say she didn’t wake. She did, and nana cuddled her and she went back to sleep!

That’s my girl!

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